I have worked with countless recruiters throughout my extensive, 20+ year HR career, and none have come close to the exceptional standards set by Lange Recruiting. Tiffany and her team are helping us recruit Physician and NP/PA providers for our practice.  Simply put, they are the best recruiters I have ever had the privilege of collaborating with.

Lange Recruiting delivers an unparalleled work product for each candidate that includes not just a resume but a detailed summary description including a video link.  Their thorough screening process ensures that only the most suitable candidates make it through, saving valuable time and resources in the hiring process.   Every candidate they bring forward is not only qualified but also a perfect fit for our organization’s needs.

What truly sets Lange Recruiting apart is their ability to achieve remarkable results at the lowest cost in the industry.  Their flat fee structure is simple and affordable.  Their commitment to maximizing value without compromising on quality is truly commendable.  If you are looking for a recruiter who consistently delivers the highest quality applicants, at the lowest cost, look no further than Lange Recruiting.

Keri Corkins
Director, Human Resources

“My practice has had some unique staffing needs over the years; Tiffany has been able to help fill each position from a Marketing Coordinator and Nurse Practitioner to Front Desk Associate and Medical Assistant. Tiffany has done a great job understanding the type of person we are seeking and then going out and finding candidates with the skills and experience to do the job right.

She not only helps us identify candidates, but also assists with negotiating compensation/benefits and contract terms. Her candidate summaries provide great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant and save us tremendous time in the recruiting and hiring process. Her assistance and insight are greatly appreciated.”

Gordon Lewis, MD

“My practice has been working with Tiffany Lange since 2015. We have about 30 staff and two locations – she has helped us hire several of our front desk staff and medical assistants. She is quick and efficient yet thorough and thoughtful. She really understands our practice culture and the type of candidates that best fit-in with our existing staff.

She does a great job presenting us with qualified candidates, who possess the experience and capabilities to succeed in each role. Our practice manager does not have the time to recruit and vet new staff – we are grateful to Lange Recruiting for taking this responsibility off her plate.”

Ben Phillips, MD

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Lange as a client and as a recruit.  We first met when Tiffany recruited a new Medical Assistant for my practice.  She provided several, qualified candidates for us to interview along with a detailed summary of each.  She contacted references and performed background checks, thus taking much of the workload off of the office.

Tiffany also helped place me with my current employer – she was able to match my skill set with the needs of the practice.  She facilitated the entire process from interview to employment offer and continues to follow-up to ensure a successful fit.  I could not be happier in my new role and grateful to Tiffany for her help and support. She cares about her clients and the people she’s recruiting and it shows by the time and effort she puts in.”

Margaret Maples
Medical Practice Manager