Working with Lange Recruiting, you can focus on taking care of patients while we focus on finding your practice top-notch employees. Our process is thorough – we will only send you fully vetted candidates who we feel will make productive, reliable and cohesive team members for your practice.

We do this by:

Understanding Your Needs

  • Obtaining the specifics of the open position including title, duties, reporting structure, salary range, expectations and requirements.
  • Understanding the practice’s culture – we understand the importance of finding candidates that will be a nice fit with your existing staff.
  • Drafting a job description and advertising language for approval.

Sourcing Candidates

  • Casting a wide net and advertising the open position in a variety of general and position specific job boards.
  • Contacting training programs and universities around your area to solicit talented students and alumnae.
  • Soliciting passive candidates who meet the practice’s selection criteria.
  • Conducting face-to-face interviews with top applicants.
  • Issuing skills assessments for key positions.
  • Checking references on each candidate.

Recommending Applicants

  • Providing a thorough package on each recommended candidate – including a video interview for your review.
    (Download Example Application Package Here)
  • Packages Include:
    • Contact Information
    • Candidate Background and Education
    • Strengths / Weaknesses
    • Availability
    • Desired Compensation
    • Social Media Links
    • Video Clip
    • References
    • Resume
  • Coordinating interviews with those candidates selected by the practice.

Offer and Acceptance

  • Making a verbal offer on behalf of the practice.
  • Performing a background check on selected candidates.
  • Negotiating employment terms and issuing offer letters to selected candidates.